Most Improved Player Award

To be awarded to the player who has proved to be the most improved player over the year.

This will be the player whose handicap has been reduced by the largest percentage over the 'Year'.

(The 'Year' shall extend from after the Yearly May Event, and shall run for 12 months until to the following May Event.)

See the 'Latest Handicap Spreadsheet' for MIP Updates


Bloody Nice Jug Award


To be awarded to the player who over the period of the first 5 months of the year achieves the highest accumulated 'score'.


(To be confirmed)

See the 'Latest Handicap Spreadsheet' for BNJ Updates


Stray Dog Trophy


The Trophy and the idea was provided by Andy Pennell, and was introduced in 2003.  The trophy is contested by the players finishing 13th-24th (Bottom Half on the 1st Day's Stableford Compeition at Yearly Events).  The idea Was to give everyone something to play for on day 2 of the individual event.  Scores for both days will count towards the players total in deciding the winner.  



Lucky Bastard Shot Award


The Lucky Bastard Shot will be presented to the player who is deemed to have provided the most fortunate turn of luck during the Yearly Event.  Nominations should be provided by as many witnesses to the lucky event as possible and decided before the presetnations evening on the last day.



Limp & Lame Trophy


The Limp & Lame Trophy is award to the player who is deemed to have had the worst bout of pain or damage to their body during the Yearly event.  This was introduced since the 'Cramp' that Cookie regularly had during our 2001 Event.


Worst Drive & Can't Handle The Pressure Awards


These Awards Speak for Themselves.



Yearly Event Winners Table


2011 Stewart Prescott Belton Woods, Lincolnshire
2010 Vince Goldband Normandy, Cheshire
2009 Andy Pennell Sprowston Manor, Norwich
2008 Michael Hammond Normandy, France
2007 Paul Corcoran Stoke By Nayland, Essex
2006 Richard Hammond St Mellion, Cornwall
2005 Richard Collins Barnham Broom, Norfolk
2004 Michael Hammond Le Golf National, France
2003 Richard Collins Barnham Broom, Norfolk
2002 Andy Boulter Cork, Ireland
2001 Gary Granger St Mellion
2000 Pete Billington St Pierre, Chepstow
1999 Michael Hammond Meon Valley
1998 Pete Billington Beadlow Manor
1997 Richard Hammond Dawlish Warren
1996 No Winner La Touquet, France
1995 No Winner The Belfry